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July 14, 2014 / Andee Frizzell


zoolanderComputers and I have a tolerant relationship. I tolerate the fact that I must use one to conduct myself in the world today and they tolerate me pressing, exasperatingly the print key. Print…print…print,print,print! Read more…

July 7, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

For The Birds

seagullJack and I were heading home from the Canada Day fireworks when we witnessed a heinous accident. Read more…

June 30, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

One Year Ago

ws_pride_page_picI found myself experiencing a ‘vu de ja’ yesterday, (the feeling of experiencing a moment in time again, but slightly different from the first time.) Read more…

June 23, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

From The Mouths of Babes

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.20.32 AMMy partner Jack has three children, two of which are young boys, ages 8 and 11.
Adapting my ‘lone wolf’ existence, to that of being one, in a pack of five has brought about many new experiences (like wearing pants around the house) and new adventures. Read more…

June 16, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

Inner Thoughts

toasterExcerpt from an actual conversation had this morning.

“You know, if you hover over the toaster like that, it’ll take forever for that bagel to brown,” Jack said as he wandered into the kitchen, Yoda-like, spilling pearls of wisdom. Read more…

June 9, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

An Epilogue

IMG_1545When I first arrived in Colombia, nearly two months ago, I asked my Spanish speaking Colombian friend if there was a tall, blonde, Colombian celebrity named Linda. Read more…

June 2, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

Adventure On The High Sea

water taxiThe boat before me didn’t look anything like the laminated picture of the water taxi we had been shown the day before. The sun faded and fraying photograph had shown a 20 ft, twin outboard motored, canopied, sea faring vessel fully outfitted with life vests and a cheery group of tourists, happily sipping cervezs while they effortlessly glided across the clear blue waters cutting a soft wake behind them.  Read more…