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August 25, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

Red As Wine

wineToronto is a city known for its ‘foodie’ culture. The city streets are lined with restaurants that have re-invented the hamburger, are introducing sweetbreads to your diet and are tempting your taste buds (and stomach) with smoked faw gras. 

Pairing these delectables with wine, beer and spirits is a favorite pastime of many Torontians. This part of the ‘foodie’ culture I fully support.

During dinner the other night, I was spouting out plagiarized wine knowledge, which I lifted from my friend Mathew, who is, in my mind, an aficionado of sour grapes, when one of the other dinner guests started asking me palate specific questions.

I panicked and came clean.

“Actually, I’m quoting a friend of mine, who is really, really into wine.” I replied hoping to sound ‘less’ like a fraud.

“Is he a Sommelier?” the inquisitive guest asked.

“No,” I answered, genuinely astonished at the guests assumption of my friend, ”He’s Chinese. How did you guess he was Asian?”

Sommelier and Samolian are not the same thing.

Me and ignoramus, same, same.


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