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August 19, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

Hair What I Say

hair dyeI have been recently looking for a new colourist. As anyone who needs a ‘natural colour refresh’ frequently knows, finding a good hairdresser/colourist can be a very daunting task. 

I am categorized as a ‘hard to lift’ blonde and in the past, inexperienced colourists have turned my golden locks, ash grey, violet purple and the most hideous brass copper.

My search for a good colourist starts by scanning large gathered groups for flaxen haired maidens. On the subway, in the grocery store and at music festival concerts I approach ‘the blondes’ and ask them to divulge their ‘root repair expert.’

It was at one such encounter that I obtained Bridget’s card.

During our colour consultation, Bridget began by parting my hair in such a way that my ‘root’ issue was fully exposed and that’s when I noticed for the first time, the patch.

The patch, not a strand, not a few, not a bunch but a patch of white hairs has colonized on the top of my crown. It looks like someone has taken a bingo blotter full of white paint and struck the top of my head with it.

As I stared at this patch of mysterious white hairs with wonderment and confusion, a thought took form.

Children in your life, hair starts turning white.


I think not.


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  1. slamaina / Jul 2 2016 4:59 am

    Hey girl, I was disappointed that this was your last entry. Hope life is treating you well. I had kind of dropped off the planet for a while while I went through my divorce. Now I am rebuilding my life and in love with a woman from Ottawa ON. Crazy world.


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