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July 14, 2014 / Andee Frizzell


zoolanderComputers and I have a tolerant relationship. I tolerate the fact that I must use one to conduct myself in the world today and they tolerate me pressing, exasperatingly the print key. Print…print…print,print,print!

Nothing accelerates my frustration meter from normal to insane faster then computers. Like most of the world, my understanding of computers is functional. I press print, enter or review and I expect the computer to function as commanded.

Jack, who built his own computer to run through our TV, has a mechanical understanding of computers and finds it exceedingly hilarious that I get personally offended when the computer refuses to obey my commands.

On movie night last weekend, we decided to re-watch Zoolander,(What is this? A centre for ants?), an epic comedy about male models and the fashion industry.

Near to the climax of the movie, there is a scene where the leading male models, (played by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson), break into Mugatu’s office (played by Will Ferrell) and are told to get files from his computer.





Jack turned to me and said,” This is like watching you on your computer. Must be a model thing.”



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  1. arcticgoddess / Jul 14 2014 7:51 pm

    Maybe you’re the jock and he’s the nerd. Tell him that.

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