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June 30, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

One Year Ago

ws_pride_page_picI found myself experiencing a ‘vu de ja’ yesterday, (the feeling of experiencing a moment in time again, but slightly different from the first time.)

The moment in time being relived, Pride 2013. The same blazing beautiful sun, the same sweaty, glitter strewn university quad, the same dancing diva circle and the same smiling, joyously celebrating faces.

As I gazed around to the familiar faces of my posse, I was reminded of all that has changed since we stood here last year; I traded in my beers for Lynchburg lemonades brewed by none other then Jack Daniels, Jack has added his presence to our group, Iman is now texting a babysitter for updates on her beastie between DJ sets and Peter has ditched his fan for the cooling effect of extremely short shorts.

For all that has changed, the feeling of delight has only multiplied.

Diverting my eyes from Peters shocking shorts, I noticed an elderly man, sitting in a wheelchair, sidelining the gyrating thong of persons, clad only in a leopard-print wrestling leotard. The smile that emanated from his face empathized my own feelings of gratitude.

Gratitude for the freedom to just be…yourself.

To short shorts, leotards and people just being them selves Happy World Pride peeps!




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  1. gaychef / Jul 1 2014 5:46 pm

    You know, when we’re old you will be pushing me around in a wheelchair while I’m in a leopard print leotard. Happy Pride!

    • Andee Frizzell / Jul 2 2014 3:19 pm

      I’m relieved to know there will be a leotard!! : )

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