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June 9, 2014 / Andee Frizzell

An Epilogue

IMG_1545When I first arrived in Colombia, nearly two months ago, I asked my Spanish speaking Colombian friend if there was a tall, blonde, Colombian celebrity named Linda.

He frowned, ”No, I don’t think so. Why?”

“Well, since arriving, everyone I meet or pass by in the street calls out to me, Linda and I was wondering if they were mistaking me for a famous Colombian starlet.”

He burst out laughing, ”Linda, means beautiful in Spanish. Its not Linda, like a first name.”

“Oh,” I replied, a little embarrassed that I had said ‘EVERYONE says so’ but at the same time enormously flattered.

“They say that to all the Gringas, hoping you’ll by something from them.”

“Oh,” I replied for the second time, only this time, a little less flattered but no less embarrassed.

The time to return to the real world approaches, inevitably and I can’t say my Spanish has improved (I have mastered, una cerveza, por favor) but not much else.

My trip to Colombia has offered me far greater gifts then simple Spanish lessons. Cartagena has allotted me the much-needed opportunity to unplug, thaw out, recharge and reflect.

The sun, the surf, the abundance of affordable cervezas, have allowed me the space and time to contemplate, re-evaluate and set new, next, adventures for myself.

As I walk through the beautiful streets of the walled city, lined with tinkling lights and garlands of flower blossoms for the last time, I fully take in just how profound my internal journey and my external adventures have been here.

And as if to articulate my inner thoughts, I happen by a graffiti scrawled epitaph. (See inserted photo)

The beginning has begot the ending that has brought about the beginning of something else…


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  1. arcticgoddess / Jun 11 2014 12:03 pm

    I’m glad you had a spiffing time and gained more experience about the world. I bet many of our North American concerns seem pretty stupid when you have been somewhere that does not care.

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