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October 7, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

About Last Saturday…

diveLast Saturday night a few girlfriends and I went to watch a friend’s indie band play at a local pub. Being a new indie funk country band, the live music venue they were playing at was well…seedy at best.

The beer was foamy but cheap, the bathroom lacked locks and light bulb covers but had efficient amounts of hand soap and the regular barflies were cantankerous but eccentric enough to be highly entertaining. And of course Adams band rocked!

The night was a huge success, containing just the right amount of libations, conversations regarding single-dom, bad dates, feminist issues and a harrowing drug bust.

The latter was quite exciting. Sometime during the second set, the group of guys hovering near our perch at the bar suddenly broke into a scrambling melee.

A large refrigerator  sized dude grabbed one of the gang and threw him face down, pinning him to the crust covered carpet with his monster sized knee  then he yelled, “Nobody fuckin move.”

To which my girlfriends and I complied without question. The fallen compadra’s posse did not hear the command or chose to dismiss the request of the undercover police officer and they tried to rush him; to that he responded by flashing an oozie sized taser gun in our direction (by-standard proximity) and shouted, “I’ll fuckin’ taser you asshole!” To which my girlfriends and I assumed was meant for us, (underwear check here).

Within the next  few chaotic filled moments we were able to ascertain the circumstances, retrieve our bill and get the hell out of there.

Once out on the street, it was decided that a McDonalds hamburger (kids grill cheese for me) was just what was needed in that moment. Having left the bar with road pops in hand (beer) we headed to the nearest 24hr McD’s.

The night was teetering on going downhill when the woman at the McDonalds drive thru speaker informed us that we were NOT able to use the drive thru because we lacked a vehicle.

My girlfriends, accepting defeat started to head home. I, with just the right amount of liquid smarts decided to ‘problem solve’ our predicament.

I decided to approach the next car that turned into the drive thru. It was a Fiat and had five passengers in it already. The passenger side window rolled down and I presented my case.

“All I ask is for you to drive slow enough for us to crouch beside the passenger side of your car and order.”

My girlfriends and I squat walked to the order window and then we duck walked to the pay and pick up windows enabling us to successfully accomplish our mission!

The Fiat drove off and as we turned back to face the line-up of drive thru patrons, someone in their car yelled, “Well done ladies,” to which he added a golf clap that was picked up by other idling vehicles.

We made our final bows in the beam of highlights and headed to the nearest patch of grass to divide up the ante.

While munching on my grill cheese I was reminded of a quote by Jewel Staite’s father.

“Why waste a $50 buzz on a $5 burger?”

So true Pops, so true.



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  1. arcticgoddess / Jan 21 2014 1:08 am

    I assume you are just not feeling the love with your blogs? I miss them…lots of love and hugs to you, Wraith Queen!

    • Andee Frizzell / Jan 21 2014 3:02 pm

      Hi Patricia, thank you for posting and continuing to follow my blog. I adore you for your loyalty to the Queen!

      Blogging is my passion project and as much as I love writing stories my priorities shifted these last few months to new and exciting (time consuming) opportunities. Lol

      Thank you again for following, reposting and promoting my blog! Like the Wraith, I shall return when the time is right! Or when I get hungry? Lol

      Keep the Faith! : )

      Sent from my iPhone

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