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September 29, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

May I have This Dance?

billsI am posting early this week as I am heading south to hang out with my ‘rents’ for a week; who have been travelling across North America in a Winnebago for the past year.

It’s not hard to determine where I get my love for the open road from; loud sing-a-long playlists and roadside dive bars full of eclectic characters and travel adventures run through my blood.

The last road trip my friend Laura and I took together before she grew up and got married and I migrated out east was to Whistler BC.

We hit the highway, country tunes blaring, chips and dip in the console and a 24 of Corona chilling in the boot.

Laura had rented inexpensive lodgings in the village that boasted a pull out couch and hide a bed built-in that would have been more aptly named, hide-a sled built-in as the antique bed frame was awkwardly bent at an incline.  Like a teeter totter, the head rested at the low end and the foot end remained slightly elevated.

I was not put off. Laura had yelled ‘shot gun’ on the pull out bed before we left so this was not MY problem.

We parked the truck, checked in and immediately began crushing Corona’s (drinking beer at a rapid rate) so it was no surprise to either of us that by 7:30 we were feeling bullet-proof and funny as all hell.

Laura and I suffer from the same affliction. (Said while tapping the side of a long neck bottle of beer) “Is this thing on? Welcome to tonight’s comedy show. I’ll be your host.”

We think we are outrageously funny when inebriated and seek only to bring people into our circle of awesomeness. And we mean everyone!

We found ourselves at Buffalo Bills (home of the away bachelorette party) and I’ll admit here; one we didn’t know this fact before going in and two, I was a little (a lot ) disappointed by the lack of wood in the forest of persons patronizing the establishment.

Not wanting to ruin a good buzz, we slammed back a few whiskeys, a few bourbons with beer chasers and headed out to the dance floor.

Deciding it was time to gather a posse for dance circle, we started grabbing people attempting to form a make-shift warbling oval in the middle of the dance floor when I noticed a young woman sitting alone at one of the banquet tables that lined the perimeter.

No one left behind is my party motto so I grabbed her by the arm and basically pulled her out of the booth, spun her around and tossed her towards the dance circle where she promptly fell smack down star-fish style.

Looking more closely I realized the young woman had taken off her prosthetic leg and was leaning it beside the booth.

Nothing slaps the drunk right out of you like throwing a one legged women onto a crowded dance floor.

I leapt to action immediately, with grievous apologies I lifted her from the floor and placed her arm around my neck. She was laughing so hard she could hardly stand (not simply because she had only one leg) and she kept repeating, “The look on your face was priceless.”

You think?



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  1. arcticgoddess / Sep 29 2013 10:54 pm

    So glad the lady was a good sport. That could have turned ugly real fast. But because it was you, and you are such an awesome person, I doubt it ever will. Have a great time with your folks.

  2. Slam / May 4 2014 1:14 pm

    This only could happen to you.

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