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September 23, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

Best Compliment Ever

subwaySince arriving in Toronto I have become intimately involved with the transit system here. It’s a love, hate relationship; one based on necessity (as finding an available parking spot in downtown Toronto is as likely as finding a venereal disease in a nunnery) and is wrought with relinquished expectations and unsatisfied desires.

Having to depend on such an unreliable source of transportation puts me in a foul state of mind so last week while riding the bus I found myself brewing.  My darkened sate of mood was deepening due to the fact I had chosen to ride the bus at the exact hour the nearby elementary school let out.

Spawn, (lovely little tots) elevated on sugar and a strong sense of entitlement ran amuck, screaming and jostling like ants retreating from a hill fire ergo grating on my nerves. And that’s when I noticed amid this riot of youths stood a visually impaired senior citizen.

As the bus came to a stop in front of the subway entrance I offered him my arm in hopes to help him navigate through the thong of ankle biters.

He accepted my assistance with a sense of relief and we started our slow trek down into the underworld maze.

As we shuffled along, Robert and I chatted. He was off to the Legion for the weekly draw and was looking forward to hanging with his buddies and playing a few rounds of shuffle board.

Once on board the subway, Robert said,” You seem like a really lovely lady and I have two tickets to see the Eagles play next weekend, would you’d like to join me?”

If only Robert could have seen the smile he brought to my face, I was being hit on by a man who couldn’t see me. What an incredible compliment!

So I paid him one back, “I’d love to but my boyfriend wouldn’t like me hanging out with such a good looking man.”

Thanks for making my day Robert!


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