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August 5, 2013 / Andee Frizzell


campI survived…..camping. It was actually a lot easier then I imagined. The fact that there were no tents involved and no cooking over an open fire (except for the smores) made the whole affair very civilized in my mind. Housed in a 1000 square foot trailer with four double beds topped with memory foam and a full functioning shower and loo; I sailed through the experience with minimal discomfort.

The camping culture of northern Ontario is an exclusive, familiar one to those who participate regularly and try as I might to fit in, I stuck out like a wart on the end of a witches chin. Gathered around the open pit bonfire last night, a couple walking their dog shouted out to us,”Visiting from the city are you?”

One of my party shouted back, somewhat surprised, “Why yes we are.”

The couple laughed, pointed directly at me stating, “That one gave you away.”

I looked around our small group of eight then and realized I was the only one wearing long pants, wool socks, hiking boots, a hoodie pulled up over my head covering most of my toque and wrapped in a fleece blanket; city slicker attire.

The things I loved about roughing it for the night;

  • Drinking beer at any hour of the day is totally acceptable
  • Not showering before breakfast also totally acceptable
  • Mosquitoes don’t like vegetarians (I didn’t get a single bite and was sans the DEET meanwhile my meat loving compadres were plagued by the pests) this very acceptable
  • Yelling ‘I hate white rabbits’ makes the campfire smoke change direction and cease blowing directly in your face

The things I didn’t like about roughing it for the night;

  • Finding the foot pedal to flush the toilet in the middle of the night when it is PITCH black
  • Looking for sticks to use as kindling in the dark forest behind the trailer (very creepy)
  • Being harassed to ‘take a dip in the drink’ complied with being lied to about the temperature of the water and the non-existence of underwater inhabitants (THERE WERE SO FISH IN THAT LAKE)
  • There weren’t any accessible spa services

I may have to revisit my ‘I pay rent so I don’t have to camp’ philosophy.

Progress no?


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  1. arcticgoddess / Aug 6 2013 5:41 am

    Hey, at least you didn’t wear white.

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