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July 29, 2013 / Andee Frizzell


cermanicLast week I auditioned for a doctor. Not an acting audition as one might assume but a meet and greet with a potential doctor who will play the role of my personal doctor. There have been many adjustments to make moving to Toronto, the weather (44C above), public transit (TTC, Toronto Transit Commission should stand for Take The Car) but the most challenging difference has been in the navigating the healthcare system protocol.  

Here in Toronto I have to seek out family practitioners taking on new clients and then schedule an appointment to meet them (this takes months of waiting on various wait lists). Then I sign a contract that states that that specific physician will be my only doctor (it’s like I’m signing into a committed relationship with my GP who I just met after being pre-screened for months, very similar to dating).

Finally after a five month wait, I was scheduled for an appointment with Dr H last week. I arrived early and had flat ironed my hair (truth, I was nervous, what if we didn’t like each other, I’d have to start this tedious process all over again, very similar to dating).

I was ushered into his office and immediately liked what I saw. He had hanging from his stucco ceiling ceramic figurines painted in crazy bright colours (like those statuettes you paint yourself on the beaches of all in exclusives in Mexico) and on the walls hung pictures of funny cartoon animals.

Dr H entered the room with a huge toothy smile and bright blue eyes.  He was in his late fifties and instantly reminded me of Santa Claus (very grandfathery and kind). After brief introductions he went straight to business, hunched over his computer, he started to enter my personal and medical history.

“Just a few routine questions,” he assured me. “Sexual orientation?”

“Straight.” I answered.

“Married?” Clearly he hasn’t read my last blog.


“Any new sexual partners since arriving in Toronto?”


Suddenly he looked up from his computer and turned to face me. With sympathy emoting from every gesture, he placed a friendly hand upon my knee, giving it a grandfatherly gentle pat he said, “It’s a tough city to meet people. You’ll meet someone eventually.”

WTF! I was too stunned to even reply, I’m NOT looking right now, thank you very much; which only came to me once I was standing out on the street replaying the conversation in my head.

Do single guys get this shit?



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  1. Taj Sabih / Jul 29 2013 9:10 pm

    Andee, I would loooove to know if they do. I find it rather insulting as a single woman (by choice) to have the fact that I am not seeing someone as something that needs to be remedied or fixed. No, thank you, I am okay with not being attached.

    • Andee Frizzell / Jul 29 2013 9:14 pm

      Thank you for sharing! I was starting to think it was only happening to me! Lol

  2. tariseirien / Jul 29 2013 9:29 pm

    Best (or worst) comment I’ve had about being single was from an older friend of my mother who told me “You’re still not married? That okay, you can have a good life anyway”. Gee, thanks alot. I feel so much better now. *insert eye roll here*

  3. tariseirien / Jul 29 2013 9:30 pm

    Best (or worst) comment I’ve had about being single was from an older friend of my mother who told me “You’re still not married? That okay, you can have a good life anyway”. Gee, thanks a lot. I feel so much better now. *insert eye roll here*

  4. Eugene thiessen / Jul 29 2013 10:27 pm

    Years ago when doing a pre-job medical the doctor asked if I had participated in any Unsafe sex. (office was at Burrard and Denman) I responded, What? you mean like not washing my hands???

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