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May 13, 2013 / Andee Frizzell


sixThis coming Saturday I will be attending The Stellair Reunion SciFi convention in Trios Riveries Quebec. My friends always ask me if I have to wear the Wraith Queen costume when I attend cons and if I don’t dress up, then how do the fans recognize me. I tell them this story.

The first convention I ever attended was held in Denver Colorado. The convention was not only a science-fiction convention but it also included fantasy. I witnessed people dressed as pirates and vampires mingling with storm troops and Luke Skywalkers. There was a random attendee dressed as a banana. I’m not sure if he was a fantasy banana or an intergalactic fruit or that all his other costumes were at the cleaners regardless, he was a sight.

Early one morning I set out to explore the huge dealers room. It was about nine am and after the festivities of the night before the room was scantily attended. I explored racks of bumper stickers declaring my other vehicle is a starship, costumes of every size and mini figurines of amazing characters.

During my meanderings I noticed a shadow following me. As I’d turn back the fellow would freeze like a deer caught in headlights. I could tell by his demeanor that he was painfully shy.

Eventually he muscled up the nerve to approach me and ask for a photo. Flattered I immediately agreed.

I think the man thought I was going to pose solo because when I grabbed the camera from him, handed it to a nearby cashier and put my arm around his shoulders, he nearly fainted. I’m not exaggerating here. His breathing labored, his face went completely white and his eyes rolled gently towards the ceiling.

Now holding him up right, literally, I told him it was totally cool, relax and say cheese for the camera. After we took a few pictures, in case the first few had him looking like a wraith victim, he turned to me to express his gratitude.

“I love your show. I never miss a single episode. I even PVR every episode so I can watch them repeatedly. You are the best actress on TV.”

A little embarrassed, I thanked him for being such a devoted fan of the show.

He replied,” I’m a Battlestar Galactica fan forever.” And off he went.

Battlestar Galactica? I’m on Stargate Atlantis.

So, Trisha Helfer there is a very devoted fan of yours out there with a picture of me holding a pair of Stewie Griffin embroidered underpants and a Klingon grog mug that he is claiming is you.


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