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May 6, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

As Luck Would Have It

no parkingI was running late, very late. Even though I had given myself an hour to make the twenty minute drive, I hadn’t anticipated the traffic congestion or the Toronto city by-law restrictions of ‘no parking’, ‘no stopping’, ’no standing’. For twenty five minutes I circled the sprawling concrete complex desperate to find a spot to moor my truck.

The day before I had accepted to sub a yoga class at a facility I had never been to and was now feeling the overwhelming pressure to arrive on time. As the minutes disappeared and the desperation reached a feverish pitch I noticed a small opening to an underground parking lot.

I slammed on the brakes, geared into 4wheel drive and at a break neck speed, reversed into oncoming traffic on a one way street. I careened into the parking lot lane and drove over the partition. I had exactly nine minutes to park, find the studio and begin teaching.

I entered the underground lot and immediately noticed all available parking spaces were taken. I reversed again into the enter only lane, when I spotted a car detailing enterprise to my left. I stopped in front of two guys scrubbing down an Escalade and without further thought, I leapt out of my truck, keys still in the ignition, purse precariously laid open on the passenger seat and yelled, “I have to teach a yoga class upstairs. Park my truck. I’ll be back in an hour.”

I found the nearest elevator and rushed inside. Pressing the ground level button repeatedly, (why do I always think this will make the elevator go faster) I suddenly realized I had absolutely no idea of where in the building I was.

The elevator door opened and I flung myself out into the unknown. My frantic head swivelling alerted a nearby security guard who leisurely asked if he could help me.

“Yes. I need to get to the Yoga studio in four minutes. No time to explain the route to me. Just lead.” I ushered him into run and off we went through the maze toward my destination.

As I pushed the front door open to the studio I thanked him. He looked a little out of breath but seemed satisfied with his accomplishment of getting me there.

Somewhat cool and collected, I breezed into class exactly on time. It was only about thirty minutes later did it dawn on me that I left my truck, my keys and my purse with two complete strangers.

After my class I found my way back to the underground car wash and only a few spaces from where I left it was my truck, my keys and my purse. Not only had the guys parked my truck for me, they had cleaned my wind-shield.  When I tried to give them some money for their efforts, they refused.

Naivety and stupidity walk hand and hand in my life.



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  1. Eugene / May 7 2013 1:44 am

    Karma Baby!

  2. arcticgoddess / May 19 2013 9:23 pm

    I think I have finally figured out how to create and use a WordPress account so I don’t keep replying to your posts as a different person. Wish me luck that this actually finally works.

    I can identify with that poor hapless fan. I’ve never gotten a celebrity mixed up with another one, but I get the feeling of overwhelmed shyness that can come with meeting someone you are completely star struck by. It happened to me…twice. The first time, I was so determined to respond to him, despite a dry mouth that didn’t seem to work, that I actually spoke with an accent. I have no idea how I did that. Another fan came up to me afterwards and asked me what my accent was. All I could do was wonder what I must have sounded like and replied, Canadian. To which she replied, “I’ll consider myself told off, then”.

    The second time was back in 2006 when I met Cliff Simon (Ba’al) for the first time. Yes, I was a total idiot. I managed a, “hi”, and couldn’t say anything else. He was a gentleman, smiled and headed off to talk to someone else. Since then, I’ve overcome the shyness and can talk to any celebrity, but I’ll always remember my deer in the headlights experiences with celebrity.

    How about you, Andee? any interesting experiences from the other side?

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