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April 15, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

Phonetically Speaking

lasagnaOne of the best things about moving to a new city, especially a city known for its foodie culture, is discovering amazing new eatery’s to be my familiar haunts. My favourite cuisine is Indian. I can abandon my fear of an accidental ‘meating’ because usually, the primary base of Indian food is vegetables. (I’ve coined the term ‘accidental meating’ for when I find meat in my presumed meatless dishes, eeewww)

The other night I was having a ferocious mutter paneer craving. I hit the streets in search of sedating my hunger.

I followed my nose to a local hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant  I passed a few days earlier.

Once inside, I realized the establishment was an authentic traditional home-style Indian kitchen. There was a very friendly, toothy, smiling gentleman at the door corralling patron’s to their appropriate seats and a beautiful sari clad elderly grandmother stirring mysterious, intoxicating aromatic substances in tanker sized cauldrons.

The menu was handwritten on a blackboard that was leaning precariously against the only wall that was without a portrait of a god or goddess. I scanned the board for my desired dish and discovered a dish I hadn’t seen before on an Indian menu.

When the grinning waiter shone his sparkling chocolate coloured eyes my way, I inquired, “ I’m curious. What is ‘La’Sag’Na? (Pronounced with my best attempt at an Indian accent)

The little Indian man furrowed his bushy brow, “Huh?” And he motioned towards the board.

I found the dish I was asking about, embarrassed by my pronunciation I pointed and tried again, “La’saG’nA?’

He looked at me like I was off, like milk passed its expiry date, “Lasagna?” he said, matter of factly.

I had the wrong emPHasis on the wrong sylLAble.


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