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April 8, 2013 / Andee Frizzell


barbie mcdonaldsAfter my yoga class the other day one of my students asked me if I had any children. This question always gives me pause as I feel I am WAY too young to be suspected of spawning and if the inquiring party knew anything about me, they would agree, rendering the question ridiculous.

I replied that I didn’t have any offspring; this answer deemed unsatisfactory led only to more questions.

“Why not? Do you not like children?” To some people, it is unfathomable that someone who adores other people’s children would not desire a brood of their own and they demand an explanatory answer.

And this is what I tell them:

When I was about six years old, my younger sister and I were playing Barbies in our room when my mom heard a fight breakout. She popped her head into the room to access the situation and prepared herself to intervene if it was another fist’a’cuffs brawl.

“And that’s when I knew Andee had different priorities.” She’d later explain at family gatherings.

My sister had the Barbie motor home, saddled with Ken, Skipper and the baby twins. I had the ‘Jazz’ Barbie (the fashionista model) who owned the Barbie McDonalds and had a pink Corvette. As Mattel hadn’t created currency for my thriving business, my sister had to pay me in Barbie shoes. The passenger seat and the trunk of the miniature Corvette were loaded with bright, plastic footwear.

(Prophetic of the future, my sister is married to a wonderful man and has two amazing kids and I think has a motor home; I run my own businesses and have tons of shoes.)

The argument started over the fact that I was denying my sister and her Barbie family entry into the eatery.

“Why don’t you let your sister eat at the McDonald’s?” my mom asked.

Exasperated I replied, “Mum, how can I run my business if I let her eat here for free? She doesn’t have any more shoes.”

“No Shoes No Service.”



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  1. Eugene thiessen / Apr 8 2013 4:17 pm


  2. Patricia Stewart-Bertrand / Apr 8 2013 9:16 pm

    Reminds me of the fights I had with my sister. I still despise her. Long story…

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