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April 1, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

A Blessing

13moons_smudgewandA few weeks ago I moved into my new apartment in Toronto. It is very Toronto; exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, metal fire escape leading out the hallway window and a colourful history of previous tenants.

To ensure that no negative past vibes were residing in my new abode, I prepared for a smudging. For those of you unfamiliar with smudging, it is the burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification. It is a common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual groups. The ritual of smudging can be defined as “spiritual house cleaning.” In theory, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space where it will be regenerated into positive energy. (I copied that from a holistic website in case you were wondering about the official tone of those sentences)

Anywho, I took out my sage wand (consisting of herbs, cedar, white sage, lavender and sweet grass bound together in twine) that I had purchased from the Granville Island Psychic Studio about seven years ago when I smudged my new apartment in Vancouver.

The ritual I have for cleansing my new habitat is simple. I light the sage wand, blow out the flame allowing the ambers to burn slowly, releasing a sweet smelling, thick black smoke and I quietly chant an invocation for positivity.

I unwrapped the wand from the paper bag I had been storing it in, took out a lighter and headed into my bedroom. I lit the bundle ceremoniously and…. it BURST into flame, like an Olympic torch! Suddenly I was holding a condensed version of a brush fire! Flames licked at my fingers and wrist and the air became THICK with smoke!

I screamed and made a mad dash for the kitchen trying desperately to not get third degree burns awhile stomping out lit ashes that were raining down on everything! I plunged the bonfire into the sink and was dousing it when the super sensitive fire alarm began blaring its screeching, eardrum busting siren. The fire alarm, I discovered then, was linked to all the units and simultaneously I heard four other fire alarms surge to life.

The mantra I had blessed my new home with went something like this:



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  1. Slam / May 27 2013 4:44 pm

    I see nothing wrong with the mantra you used… it seems appropriate.

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