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March 18, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

Under The Hood

snap onLast Saturday I had my oil changed. I rolled into the Mr Lube nearest to my place and was offered the complimentary newspaper and a lukewarm coffee.  I declined the java of tar and immediately went into my speech about how I was only there to have my oil changed, that I have a regular mechanic and that I was under no circumstances interested in their suggested added services. Change the oil. End of discussion.

A little crest fallen, as his potential mark, me, was unwilling to participate in the up sell, the attendant busied himself under the hood. I was watching him tinker around the engine. Then he called over an associate and they went about discussing, pointing, tinkering under the hood. I was preparing myself for the double assault,”My associate and I feel you need a transmission fluid flush as well as….”

Through the driver’s side window the attendant asked, “You have a regular mechanic?” I nodded yes. “And he is in Vancouver BC?” Yes, I confirmed. “And before you left, you had a full trip check inspection and had your oil changed?” Again I confirmed yes and braced myself his prognosis.

“Well,” he said. “He might want this back.” And he held up a Snap On Power Drill.

“What is that?”

“I found this hanging from your engine.”

“Are you serious? I just drove 5000km across ice roads, through blizzards, over mountains, across snow covered plains and this thing was hanging off the side of my engine the whole time?” I pressed the lever on the side and the little drill buzzed into life. It was still working. Intro the theme song for Snap On as this could be an endorsement.

“Yes,” it was his turn to confirm, “And if that’s the case, then you are one hell of lucky lady, cause this little guy was angled directly at your fan belt. If it had become dislodged, it would have snapped your fan belt and ricocheted back into your engine and at 120kms an hour it would have destroyed it.”

Later that night I was telling my 65yr old aunt about my trip to the auto body shop and my new Snap On hand drill when she said,” See Andee, this is an example of how God has you in his protection.”

I replied,” Actually, this is an example of why I haven’t won the lottery. All my good luck is used up trying to keep my ass ALIVE!”


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