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March 11, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

Tell No Lies

freezies2At a dinner party the other night, attended by myself and a few of my married friends with spawn, we got onto the topic of things parents tell their children in order to get them to behave, or more to the point, leave them alone. I shared this tale of caution.

When I was twenty-five, I moved back to South Beach Miami from Buenos Aires Argentina. I was going through a fitness phase at the time and desperately needed a blender for my morning protein shakes (which consisted of dessert tofu, frozen berries, some juice and crushed ice).

I headed down to the nearest Thrift store to buy a blender and a few ice cube trays. I unloaded my wares at home, carefully filling the ice cube trays, placing them in the freezer and then headed out to Wild Oats to get some fresh fruit.

I must have been gone for about an hour or two. When I got back to the apartment I opened the freezer to put the berries in when I made a shocking discovery.

When I was a kid, we grew all our own food. Our back yard was transformed into a huge garden that grew everything from cucumbers (which my mom pickled) to towering stocks of green and yellow beans. The patches of land on the side of the house grew raspberry bushes and we had two ginormous apple trees in the front yard.

My mom traded her mustards, apple sauce and dill pickles for rhubarb pies and cabbage rolls. Basically, we rarely saw the inside of a grocery store. Except once a month, when Mom would need to buy supplies such as sugar, flour, spices, things she couldn’t mill or harvest herself.

For me this was a very exciting adventure. The coolness of the climatized aisles, the cartoon covered cereal boxes and best of all FREEZIES. Store bought freezes, not ice cube tray, frozen unsweetened Kool-aid my mom tried to pass off as FREEZIES but honest to goodness, syrup laden frozen, unnaturally colored, plastic tubes of sugary heaven, FREEZIES.

My sister and I would begin immediately pestering my mom, “Are they frozen yet? Are they frozen yet?” even before she had the keys in the ignition.

My mother told me something then that I would not discover to be untrue until a fateful day in SoBE Miami when I was twenty-five years old and I opened my freezer prematurely.

Upon opening the freezer, I discovered the water in the ice cube trays had already become ice…I was dumbfounded.

My mom told me that it took TWO full days for water to freeze in the freezer and to stop pestering her about FREEZIES till then.

Seriously, until I was twenty-five years old, I waited two full days for water to freeze in my icebox!



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  1. Patricia Stewart-Bertrand / Mar 11 2013 4:23 pm

    We want to believe our parents. Until we get old enough to actually realize our brains work for more than moving from place to place, we see our parents as Gods who are always right. So, not catching on until you were 25, is your mother being your God. Stargate should have given you the role of female Goa’uld. Your mother was a great role model for the character.

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