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February 4, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

Summer Vacation

dodgeWhen I was a kid, we used to spend our summer vacations in the Okanagan Valley, the interior of British Columbia. Every summer my mom would pack us into our 1970’s Dodge Charger with the Foxy Lady glitter bummer sticker and make a 10 hour drive through the Rockie Mountains Pass.

Travelling along the TransCanada two lane highway, with two squirrelly tots was feat of patience for sure. The scorching sun beating down on our tin can of an automobile, (sans air conditioning, sans cruise control, sans seat belts), blindly passing motor homes and semi trucks on treacherous mountain corners all the while listening to my sister and I fight over which 8track to play next, the woman must be entitled to some sort of medal.

On one such vacation, my mom had just passed a snarling, length of slow moving vehicles which had taken her most of the morning when my sister piped up from the backseat declaring, she now needed to pee. My mom noted that there was absolutely no where for her to pull over and that my sister would just have to wait till the next pull off appeared.

The whining started immediately, professions of “I cccaaannn’ttt.”

Finally, relenting to the pressure of consistent badgering, my mom ordered me to take the lunch sandwiches out of the plastic grocery bag and give it to my sister in the back seat, necessity, the creator of invention.

“That’s all we got. You gotta go so badly, you’ll have to go in the bag.”

My sister was torn between peeing in a bag in a moving vehicle, climbing up a snake-like winding road behind semi trailer trucks moving at 25kms an hour or holding it, she opted to use the bag.

Only moments after the deed was complete and my sister was relieved of her bladder burden did she lean over the front seat clenching the foal sac, citing, “Mum, there’s a hole in the bag?”

The joys of summer vacation…



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  1. Patricia Stewart-Bertrand / Feb 8 2013 8:44 am

    We are victims of our own lack of foresight. If that’s not a real quote, I claim it as my own.

    How are you managing in T.O?

    • Andee Frizzell / Feb 8 2013 3:58 pm

      You have the most profound and thoughtful comments Patricia!! Thank you!! : )

      Sent from my iPhone

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