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February 2, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

Day Five

rocketPortage Indiana to Toronto Ontario

We, my trusty steed and I made it! 4808kms of freezing wind, ice and snow.

I had something very profound happen to me today and I want to share it with you.

My morning started off terribly. My body felt like it had been through the American Gladiator training program and I hadn’t qualified.

A string of annoying events, unable to get the shower to spit out anything resembling warm water, locking the key in my room halfway through reloading the truck and a Mexican stand-off with a gas pump that refused to accept my Canadian postal code as authorization had set me back almost an hour.

Then there was Ray. Ray was the attendant (unattendant) at the gas station with the fickle pump. Three times I crossed the Arctic tundra of a parking lot to inquire how to make the pump, pump. Three times he looked up from checking his Facebook status to shrug his shoulders and declare, “Hit enter after you punch in your postal code.”

On my third and last attempt, in a mood I was, I asked Ray for a comment card (a very Canadian way of saying I disapprove of your service) and his name. I had every intention to fill out that comment card regarding Ray’s customer service and mail it back to BP. Don’t mess with me when I’m irritable.

I thought about all the things I was going to write on that comment card as I drove across the street to another gas station to fill up. Now I was almost an hour and a half behind my time of departure.

I figured I’d make it up on the highway, but Mother Nature had other plans. She hit the I90 with a white out snow storm that had us crawling towards Detroit. Those of us that did not heed to her demands of slowing down ended up in the ditch. I counted nine SUV’s and two semi trucks. Mother Nature was not discriminating today. I was now two hours behind.

As I got within an hour and half of the Toronto city lights I started to relax. I was almost home and the highway was clear, traffic was moving steadily, I could almost taste the glass of wine and feel the bubbles from my bath when….DEAD Stop! The entire 401 was gridlocked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so close.

I rolled down my window and asked a trucker standing beside his rig smoking if this was rush hour traffic and how long would it take to get moving again.

“It’s not rush hour traffic. There’s been an accident. About two hours ago a sudden snow blizzard blew across the highway and blinded all the drivers. It’s a fifty car pileup up there. Might be sometime before they remove all those vehicles.”

Two hours. I would have been one of those vehicles if it hadn’t been for a busted water heater, swipe key cards and Ray.

As I waited in my truck for the emergency crews to clear the road, I filled out that comment card.

I wrote simply,

Thank you Ray. You saved me from a terrible car accident.

Signed ‘The Cranky Canuck’


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  1. Patricia Stewart-Bertrand / Feb 2 2013 5:21 am

    Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we find out why and sometimes we don’t.

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