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February 1, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

Day Four

thermoSioux Falls South Dakota to Portage Indiana

Before I left Sioux Falls this morning, I checked the temperature. It was -20 Celsius with a wind chill factor of  -25; basically making it -45 degrees. The wind was strong and it was coming from the east, an Arctic front headwind!

After removing the contents of one of my moving boxes, I tore the box into a flat piece of cardboard and wedged it between my front grill and the radiator in hopes to prevent the icy wind from blowing into my vents and into the truck.

I put on two pairs of LuLu Lemons, two pairs of socks, a turtle neck, a toque and my down filled winter coat. I repacked the truck, heated up my seat cushion and blasted the heater to full. And into the wild I rode.

The game of today’s 11 hour journey was, “Identify the source of the squeaking sound coming from the back of the truck”. I had packed my truck with all my belongings in boxes to a Tetris style precision that has been repeated every morning since I left as I have to unload it all at night. But with one box missing, it being a shield between me and frost bitten toes, the packing formation was off and something periodically leaned against one of the three frost encrusted back windows ( inside, the frost was on the inside ) and made this squeaking noise. For eleven HOURS!

Unfortunately the box only prevented some of the freezing wind from coming inside and my poor little heater couldn’t keep up, so about two hours in, I pulled into a rest area and put hotshots (emergency pads that heat up when exposed to air ) inside both my boots and both my gloves. I couldn’t find another pair of pants but I found my flannel PJ’s (the pink ones with bunnies on them) and slid those on top of my LuLu’s.

Today was a battle against three of the four elements. One, water, frozen on the road. Two, wind, that was so determined to blow me off the highway that I couldn’t take a hand off the wheel for almost four hours and had to listen to the same CD over and over. My armpits are so sore it’s as if I had been using them to compress coal into diamonds all day! Three, fire, my heated seat cushion has branding capabilities when kept in the same position for more than twenty minutes so I had to shift side to side frequently for fear of burning through my three layers.

A Few Things I Learnt Today on the Road

1. I noticed this morning that across from my motel there was bar called ” The Red Eye ” and they hosted male strippers! Seriously, I couldn’t even make that up!

2. If you are in a motel room sans a refrigerator, you can store your beer in the water tank behind the toilet. The water in the tank is clean and cold and there is just enough room for a six pack.

Its Miller time… till tomorrow…


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