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January 30, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

Day Two

ice2Wallace Idaho to Sheridan Wyoming

Today I gave the gift of laughter to a lady sitting in a Jeep Cherokee parked to my left in the rest area outside Butte Montana. I had pulled into the rest area to chip the ice shield from the front of my truck. On the road from Wallace to Butte there was an ice, snow blizzard that had traffic crawling for hours. The temperature was so cold that liquid froze immediately.

The front end of my truck looked like an ice sculpture made with mud and road salt. The wind shield wipers had frozen in place about mid wipe giving the appearance of eyes looking suspiciously to the right.

I was pulling back the blades and picking icicles off when I noticed the lady sitting in her vehicle to my left. A huge grin spread across her face as soon as our eyes locked. That’s when I remembered the ski goggles.

The snow was so bright in the valley, I tried to wear my sunglasses but they were too dark and prevented me from seeing the road. So, necessity being the creator of invention, I dug out my snowboard goggles. I pulled them down around my neck and with a laugh began my explanation of why I was wearing goggles while driving.

She listened patiently until I finished then said,” It wasn’t your goggles I noticed. It was your footwear.”

That’s when I looked down and saw that I was wearing one running shoe, on my right foot for driving and a Kodiak winter boot on the left because my foot had gotten cold near the outer edge of the truck. Sigh…

A Few Things I Learnt On the Road

1. Now I  know why Montana is called Big Sky Country. You have to see it.

2. The sign “Watch for Ice” is ridiculous. Watch for falling rocks, watch for holes in the pavement, watch for cyclists I get, you can actually WATCH for those things. Ice is colourless and invisible. I opt they change the sign to “Hope there is NO ICE.”

Leading me into something else I learnt today,

3. Driving across the country in the winter is a better work out for your inner thighs and butt then that Thigh Master will ever be. Watch for Ice. CLENCH!!!

Till tomorrow….


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  1. Chris / Jan 30 2013 5:59 pm

    Hope you’ll be alright on your trip Andee!

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