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January 14, 2013 / Andee Frizzell


no nutsI was shooting in LA and the cast included myself and three male models. Production had planned a dinner for the last night we were in town at a restaurant in a posh local hotel. There was one male model, from Australia, that over the previous days of shooting had singled himself out to be well, slightly obnoxious.

On the first day of shooting, he drove into the circus in a rented, cherry red convertible Porsche. He was a name dropper and continuously made himself the center of attention. These are not unusual traits in male models or actors but this guy took it to a whole other level.

I had successfully avoided being in his direct gravitational pull for the five days of shooting but the night of the dinner I was seated directly beside him.

Immediately he began badgering our server; “Water with lemon, no seeds in the lemon.”

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the elaborate center piece in hopes to avoid a conversation and to display to the server, I was not with this guy.

“Are there nuts in this bread? I am allergic to nuts.” He turned to me at that point; “Scientists believe that nut allergies are a sign of evolution. Ergo I am an advanced human.” The server assured him there were no nuts in the table bread. I was feeling allergic to nuts that evening as well, the nut sitting beside me.

As the starters were being ordered my dining companion started to cough and shift around uncomfortably in his seat. I looked over to see if he was chocking when he whispered, “I’m having an allergic reaction to the bread; (turns out it was made with walnut flour). I have my Epi-pen with me. I’m going out into the lobby to give myself a shot.” I was concerned but he said it was under control.

About ten minutes later he returned to the table looking slightly flushed but immediately barged into the conversation with his usual demeanor. “Well, I think…”

About ten minutes after that he started coughing again and was clearly in distress. He abruptly got up from the table and headed out of the restaurant towards the lobby. I followed him concerned. Two steps into the lobby he collapsed.

The hotel attendant leapt into action and called 911. (As a side note, this is what I learned that night about allergic reactions and the Epi-pen. The Epi-pen is only to buy the victim enough time to get to the hospital. It does not stop a severe allergic reaction and never, ever stab the victim in the chest with it. )

Luckily the hospital was right across the street and the emergency unit was there within minutes. They were able to revive the victim on site but wanted to monitor his vitals back at the hospital.

I, the cast and most of the production walked across the street and were gathered around his bedside when he came to. He was hooked up to the monitors by tube tentacles that seemed innumerable and which had made it hard to hear him when he croaked out a request for his Iphone.

We assumed he wanted to call his family back in Australia, having just survived a near death experience but we were wrong. He propped himself up on one trembling elbow, placed the phone in front of his face, flashed a sexy, coy, toothy smile and took a photo.

“I have to upload this to my Facebook wall.”

Evolved my ass! 


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  1. Chris / Jan 15 2013 5:24 pm

    I LOL’d at “I was feeling allergic to nuts that evening as well, the nut sitting beside me.” You are hilarious Andee!

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