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January 7, 2013 / Andee Frizzell

The Darndest Things

lego truckI was standing in line at my local Safeway with my godson, Skyler, who is four, precariously hanging from my hip. I was purchasing a sixteen pack of Yoplait; or as I’ve come to call it, bargaining leverage to subdue Skyler when he’s being unreasonable.  

Skyler is an urban tot, being raised two floors down in the apartment building I live in. His front yard is the beautiful, picturesque English Bay and his backyard is a commercial loading zone, filled with transfer trucks and construction vehicles.

Since Skyler could stand on his own two little feet we have instructed him about the dangers of the trucks loading and unloading in his backyard. Continuously referring to the loud…beep…beep….sound the trucks make when reversing, a warning of danger.

As I stood in the line at Safeway, trying unsuccessfully to NOT read the front covers of the trashy magazines and to keep Skyler from putting every and anything in his mouth, I noticed that the cashier was a sprite, enthusiastic employee that was scanning each person’s items at a rapid rate. The scanner was singing. Beep…beep…beep

Suddenly, Skyler yelled, “Nanny Nanny, (his four year old version of Aunty Andee), “Danger. Danger. She’s going to back up.”

Just then I noticed the lady in line in front of us. She was a very, very robust woman that could have weighed in at the heavy weight level.

I turned bright red. Skyler was still yelling danger, danger and squirming to get down.

Smiling, she turned to us. “Kids say the darndest things.”


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