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December 17, 2012 / Andee Frizzell

A Gift for the Holidays

walkmanWhen I nine years old, all I wanted for Christmas was a portable Walkman with a speaker on one side. I had seen the Walkman in the showcase window at Radio Shack. It was displayed on a rotating table, bathed in a pool of unnatural white light, gleaming like fresh fish skin hit by the mornings sun rays.

The Walkman would become an obsession until that Christmas, four months later. On our weekly trips to the post office, I’d find abandoned flyers on the floor advertising the great selection and the unbelievable low prices of Radio Shack and I’d stuff as many as I could into my shirt before my mother could reprimand me for picking up garbage.

I’d carefully cut out the Walkman ads and make collages with them, cover my school books with them and I even dared to stick one to the fridge till I heard my mother yell, “Who the hell stuck a coupon for ladies underwear to the damn fridge?”

She had obviously read the back of the picture. I dreamed and hoped and longed. I counted down the days till Christmas.

As Christmas morning arrived I could hardly contain myself, I thought I would throw up from the nerves.

I sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the tree and feigned interest in everyone else’s presents until it was my turn. I unleashed myself on my gift like hounds let out at the race track. Within seconds, tiny green pieces of paper rained from the sky like confetti at a wedding.

And in my hands I held… a large red suitcase with a typewriter inside.

I burst into tears. Through tear stained lashes and great sobs of breath I stammered, “I wanted a Walkman.”

My mom took a long sip of her coffee Tia Maria laced coffee and said, “Well, you never told me.”

With that she added, “You’ll never get what you want unless you ask for it.”

Here’s to you getting what you asked for for Christmas!

Happy Holidays Peeps!


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