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November 26, 2012 / Andee Frizzell


My girlfriend Kay, a beautiful, blue eyed, flaxen haired, pale complexioned Scot is attracted (addicted?) to Latin men. So it was no surprise to me that she had agreed to have dinner with Eduardo, the Brazilian financier we had just met while wetting our whistles at Cactus Club. Eduardo was here visiting from San Paulo and with his swarthy good looks and his thick accent, Kay was head over heels or more apt head over a foot, taller.

When Eduardo leapt off his barstool to make his exist, (not before kissing Kay’s hand and gently stroking her long slender fingers), I noticed he only stood about 5’8. Kay, at 6’0, was not deterred. Their Latin passion is more than enough to compensate for their height discrepancies, she informed me.

Dinner, a few nights later was going smashingly. Kay fluttered her long lashes, smiling coyly as Eduardo stared lustfully at her swoop neck lined dress.

“Darling,” he drawled,” What is dat ding called in English, a man wears under his nose?”

Kay thought about it for a minute or two, “A moustache? I think you are referring to a moustache. “She replied with a sparkle in her flirtatious laugh.

“You should take yours off. You don’t need it.”

Kay’s hand shot straight up into the air, “Check.” Passion or not, this date was over!

In English we call that a burn.

Happy Movember! To all the men and women participating.


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