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July 30, 2012 / Andee Frizzell

Hello World…Its Me

My name is Andee Frizzell.  I am a single, thirty-something and I am a slashist.  This is not a term for someone who slashes tires for kicks or cuts people up serial killer style; it’s a name I have invented to describe what I do for a living. I am an actor / model / amateur comedian / yoga instructor / bartender / success coach / crisis counselor / personal assistant / writer /volunteer mentor.

Recently a friend suggested that I start a Twitter account. She reckoned that people (other than my friends and unsuspecting fellow party guests) might be amused by my shenanigans. I checked out Twitter and realized that I couldn’t say anything in just one sentence. Even if I was being mugged, my  plea for help would run at least six minutes long and would end with the mugger, hopefully laughing and wanting to go for a pint.

So another friend of mine suggested a blog. I researched other blogs and bloggers and thought, what the hell. And the ‘Memoires of The Lost and Confused The Blog’ was born.

Unlike other types of blogs, I am not promoting restaurants, child rearing, or political, moral or ethical views. I am simply opening up my bubble for your viewing pleasure. I am basically letting you read my diary, (minus you having to lift my king sized mattress and pick the lock on the front), and comment on it.

I have no editor and my spell and grammar check have given up on guessing what I’m attempting to convey, so expect many, many misused words, spelling mistakes, the complete abandonment of sentence structure and stories riddled with profanity. I have applied what I can remember from my grade four English class as the appropriate punctuation.

I’ve been telling stories, (not lying), since I could somewhat make sensible sounds pass through my lips. The following tales are artistic interpretations, full of embellishments and generalizations meant to enhance the humor of the situations I find myself in. They are written the way I remember them. I have no intention to offend you. If you find yourself offended at any point while reading my blog, refer back to this statement.

Have any of you watched Ghost Whisperer? I love that show! Except for the fact that the dead always appear mangled and shit. Seriously, you want my help; don’t freak the fuck out of me.

Annnywaaaay, at the beginning of every episode Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s character says, “To tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs.”  Well, this blog is like that, (not about me talking to dead people), but for me to tell you my story, I have to tell you about my friends and family. So to protect their anonymity, I’ve changed their names and a few details of the stories to protect their privacy; making this a blog, based on true events.

My friend Laura, who is a real estate lawyer, assures me that that last statement protects me from being sued but it doesn’t protect me from my friends disowning me. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Why the safety speech? Well, I’m trying to avoid any posted comments like; I’m a forty six year old man and I can get it up just fine; you continuously misuse the semicolon and have misspelled anal leakage twice; I’m Aaron and you’re an asshole.

My blog stories are about my life as a single thirty-something who is looking for love, a better eye cream and steady employment. My intention with this blog is to make you laugh, allow you to be a voyeur into a different lifestyle then yours and present stories that you can relate to and find the humor in.

So if you are still interested in playing and promise to be compassionate and merciful with your feedback (I am an actor and VERY sensitive to criticism) then;

Welcome to my world.

These are The Memoirs of The Lost and Confused. Enjoy.



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  1. Eugene / Sep 2 2012 7:25 am

    I’M IN!!!!!!

  2. slamaina / Sep 9 2012 3:25 pm

    Just be you! You are prefect the way you are.


  3. Chris / Sep 19 2012 6:15 pm

    I agree with Slam, just be who you are, cause you’re amazing!

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